Camper sharing

Make the way to your destiny.

Share a Camper with your friends and make a one-way trip. You can go to Lisbon or Porto or any other city in Europe where you hand-over the camper to your friends. Your friends can then discover their way to Faro.

Your advantages

Less greenhouse gases emission

Saves up to 30% costs*

Less stress, more time

The ultimate road trip experience

You emit fewer greenhouse gases, you can decrease your costs by more than 30% as you don´t pay expensive transfers of the car that arise from different check-in and check-out locations and you get discounts and bonus from us. It saves you time and stress because you avoid flying and you go only one-way. And by the way, you can discover different countries, cultures & culinary. Plan now a road trip together with your friends for greener and cheaper holidays!


Low Budget

Get 5% off on your booking*

Get 25% off on coverages*

Get 50% off on extras*

Second driver included

*You get these discounts on the total price, on additional coverages and extras if you together with your friends book a round trip for at least 30 days. A second driver is always included in our camper sharing promotion.

We want to encourage you with these special offers to share one of our campers to decrease costs, emissions and efforts. It only requires trust. We do our first step and invite you to make more sustainable holidays.


Eco friendly

up to~60% less CO2 emissions

No unnecessary transfers

No unnecessary flights

No unnecessary driving

Camping already saves substantially greenhouse gas emission compared to hotel holiday with a rental car. We want even further lower your emissions by avoiding flying and transfers. I.e. Two persons flying from Cologne (Germany) to Faro emit ~800 kg CO2 equivalents. Driving from Faro to Cologne may take you 3000 km including detours to exciting places, but it still saves almost 60% greenhouse gas emissions because you only emit 336 Kg CO2 for two persons (112 gCO2/km).

What you need

Good friend(s) that like the same as you

Shared security deposit of 1500€

A meeting location with your friends

Love for camping and discovering

When picking up the camper in Faro, you need to make always a deposit of 1500€ for you and your partners regardless of the coverage selected. You still can decrease your liable amount in the case of an accident by choosing additional coverage (e.g., advanced). In case of damages, you may collect money from your friends or whoever is responsible. We provide you with a check-in form for good damage documentation. The driver must hold a driving license for at least 3 years.

How does it work?


  • Reserve a Kangoo Camper for the approximate time of your road trip, which should include the time you need to go until your desired place and the time your friend(s) will need to come back to Faro. An example, you are from Cologne and your trip has 3000Km. This may take 21 days and your friend will need the same time to go back to Faro. You need to reserve for 42 days.

  • Get a one-way ticket to Faro

  • Your friend(s) books a one-way ticket from Faro

  • You receive your Kangoo Ocean Camper with everything you need for this road trip and you can start discovering Portugal and other European countries that are on your way.

  • You hand-over the Kangoo Ocean Camper to your friend, make the check-out & contact us that you arrived safely at your destination. Your friend starts then her/his road trip to Portugal.

  • Your friend returns the camper at the end of her/his trip to us in Faro and flies back.


Countries to travel include:

Portugal, Spain, France, Andora, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Poland, Czechia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and all green marked countries below. 

We have experience!


Out of our own road trip experiences across Europe (see the example on the map below) we know what is needed to travel. We take care that you and your friends get everything you need for a good trip such as additional towels and bedding linen. Let us know if you have any questions when planning your road trip and we are happy to advise you. 

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