Camping in Portugal

Camping means being connected to the nature, discover, relax, enjoy traditional food and is the pure enjoyment of the simple way of living. Choosing the neighborhood yourself and traveling freely wherever you want is the best way to discover Portugal.

Portugal is a camper friendly country all year around. The mild climate and only a few tourists make Portugal particular during winter the perfect destination. You may even take a bath in the ocean in January. Indeed, Portugal is a country with many faces: the landscapes, culture and food. We hope to welcome you and provide you an unforgettable holiday time.

Surf in Algarve and Alentejo

Beaches in a nutshell

The coast of Portugal points to the open Atlantic Ocean, which provides magnificent waves, desired by any surfer. The size of the waves changes strongly from beach to beach. At the west coast (from Sagres to Sines) are usually bigger waves than at the south coast. You can get an idea about the wave size and energy at most relevant beaches in Portugal by consulting wave forecast websites such as More detailed weather data can be found at Windy.

Surf & Camp in Portugal

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Praia de Odeceixe

Lagoon at the low tide for peaceful bathing and it can be a good spot for surf.

Portuguese cuisine

You can enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine in Portugal by visiting traditional restaurants or cook your own dinners using the cooking- and BBQ gear we provide. Let Portugal absorb you and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle at the Atlantic Ocean.

The Mediterranean cuisine stands for the high consumption of grilled and stew fish, olive oil, legumes, whole grain cereals, fruits and vegetables together with some wine. This makes it an Eco-friendly diet that decreases the risk for many diseases including diabetes or coronary heart disease (1, 2) and you probably find it so tasteful that the Portuguese diet becomes a part of your life. An interesting fact: The UNESCO recognised the Mediterranean diet as cultural heritage of Humanity.

Fruits and Vegetables:

“Tremoços”: When enjoying a beer in a bar, you may ask for it. It´s for free and most bars have it.

Additionally, Portugal is very rich in local fruits and vegetables. You can buy them in local markets: avocado, citrus fruits, mango, papaya, peaches, pomegranates, custard apple or maracuja.


You barely do things wrong when buying wine in Portugal. The cheap wines are often as good as the expensive ones, Get a wine from Alentejo and you can´t be wrong.


Portugal is known for good local fish. The best local dishes are grilled Sardines (PT: Sardinhas), Seabream (Dourada), Seabass (Roubalo), squids (lulas) fresh shell-fish  (PT: ameijoas, lingueirão or conquilhas) and octopus salat. You can do it by yourself with the equipment you receive from us. In fact, you should also try mackerel (PT: Cavala), shrimps and everything you find tempting to eat :).

Olive oil:

It is worth to pay more for a good olive oil. The best olive oil is often "made in Portugal".


Faro is the biggest city of Algarve, with 65,000 citizens, with a pretty downtown plenty of restaurants, bars and interesting monuments.

If you arrive to Faro before your check-in time, you can take the bus (Proximo: time schedule) directly from the airport (PT: aeroporto) to the city  (Faro) or to the beach (PT: Praia). One ride in the bus costs 2,3€ to be paid only in cash to the driver.

Luggage storage in Faro downtown: Luggage storage or To See.

When your car is ready for check-in, we pick you up from Faro or Faro beach and bring you to our shop for the quick check-in of your campervan.

You can also enjoy the lunch or dinner at the traditional Portuguese restaurants in walking distance from the airport (called "A Tapita" or "Os Manos"). 


Some nice restaurants in Faro:

O Cruzeiro (Traditional Portuguese food, grilled fish, cataplana and stew)

Portas de São Pedro (Portuguese tapas)

O João (Portuguese tapas)

O Chalavar (Grilled fish and meat)

Os Manos (Near airport, fish restaurant)

A Tapita (Near airport, bar & Tapas)

A Venda (Portuguese Tapas)

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