Terms and Conditions



I.    This document defines the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement to be signed during check-in (a separate document) between “NomadCanguru, Lda” and the “Customer”.
II.    NomadCanguru, Lda holds the brand OceanCamper® that offers guided tours and hires camping, sport and leisure equipment with Tax Identification Number 514806451, head office in Almarginho Cx. P. 457-Z, 8100-153 Loulé, Portugal, forward also named as “We” or “Us”.
III.    The person(s) who is identified and signed the Rental Agreement is forward named as “You” or “Customer”.
IV.    These Terms and Conditions come into effect on the date of reservation by you and finish 30 days after the end of the reserved tour, except if there are open charges or convictions by others.
V.    This Terms applies to any equipment and asset, including, but not limited to, vehicles, tents, camping equipment, sport and leisure equipment provided by us to you.
VI.    The vehicle described in the Rental Agreement is defined as a tool that allows you to follow your individual tour through Portugal, guided by us.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you disagree with some parts, please contact us. A written document by us (e.g., letter, Email, SMS, WhatsApp message) is sufficient to release you from a given clause. If you feel uncomfortable with any clause of our terms and conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

1.    Reservation
1.1.    To confirm a reservation, you must pay to us 30% of the total billing amount during the booking.
1.2.     You must pay a security deposit at the latest during your check-in:
•    Max. 1500€ for camping tours with the vehicle plus 200€ for the fuel deposit;
•    Max. 150€ for camping tours with tent and camping equipment.
1.3.    The security deposit can be blocked from your credit card (e.g. VISA) at your arrival or you can transfer to our bank account before the start of the booked tour. Make sure your credit card has the necessary cover. You can add an additional insurance option to decrease your security deposit.
Why a security deposit? The security deposit is necessary to cover eventual costs of damages to the vehicle and equipment, pay fines, tolls, not refilled diesel deposit or any costs you may cause. After confirming there are no open costs, the security deposit will be refunded to you. This may take up to 14 days after the rental period ends.
1.4.    It is not possible to start your tour without completing the payment of the total billing amount and the security deposit. Any miss or delay of payment will be considered as a cancellation of the reservation. In case any payment fails until the moment of the Check-in, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and retain the already paid billing amount.
1.5.    Remaining open costs such as fees or tolls can be deducted from the security deposit.
1.6.    In case you cancel the reservation or we during the tour due to a violation of these terms, only the security deposit is refunded if there are no other costs opened.
1.7.    Changes in reservation period are subject to availability and may include price changes.
1.8.    We will reserve the right to retain partially or totally the paid billing amount (but not the security deposit) in case you cancel the tour, as defined in the following:
•    Cancellation 30 or more days before the start of the reserved tour: 96% refund, you only pay the fees for Pay Pal or credit card payment;
•    Cancellation from 30 to 15 days before the start of the reserved tour: 50% refund;
•    Cancellation less than 15 days before the start of the reserved tour: 0% refund;

2.    Documents
2.1.    You must provide at the check-in a driving license valid in Europe and Passport or an ID valid in Europe (applicable only for vehicles).

3.    Rental period and check-out
3.1.    You must deliver back all rented equipment during the check-out at the agreed time and place.
3.2.    In case you do not deliver the equipment at the agreed time and place, we can charge the following fees:
•    You delay up to 30 minutes: free of charge;
•    You delay more than 30 minutes: a late return fee of 30€ per started hour applies;
Note that informing us about any problem or delay is important to keep our time schedule in place and maintain our service to the highest possible standard, which makes it, in turn, convenient for you.
3.3.    It is possible to extend the rental period upon your request and our availability.

4.    Your responsibilities
4.1.    You must give notice of any defects of the equipment not spotted by us during the check-in. If you did not notify us during the check-in, it is considered that you received the equipment in perfect working order.
4.2.    You shall return the equipment in a clean and similar condition as you have received it. Normal tear and wear will be considered. Note that all the equipment, including surfboards and wetsuits, should be washed and sand-free when delivered.
4.3.    You must not sell, rent or dispose of the equipment to others.
4.4.    You must not let anyone modify or affix the equipment without our written permission (e.g., email, phone message).
4.5.    You are liable for any damage and loss of equipment. You must pay the consequential cost that comes from:
•    Equipment misuse (e.g., filling wrong fuel into one of our vehicles, surfing on stones, use the pan in the BBQ, etc.)
•    Reparations, in case of damage in the equipment or vehicle (outside and inside). Vehicle damages also include glass breakage, flat tires, water damages such as water in wooden surfaces, mattresses, and pillows.
4.6.    Your liability for the equipment begins when it is delivered at the check-in and ends when returned to us.
NOTE: The official check-in time is from 15:00 to 22:00 and check-out from 08:00 to 11:00 from Monday to Sunday. Check-in or check-out outside these times possible upon request. You can ask us to block a day for an early check-in/ late check-out for a service fee of 15-45€ per blocked day (season depending). This option is only possible if the respective days are not already booked by other guests.
During the check-out outside of business hours, you must park the vehicle at an agreed parking lot and you remain responsible for any damage and parking costs, fees/fines that can occur until we collect the vehicle the next day.

5.    Our responsibilities
5.1.    We take the commitment to provide you with the reserved equipment, from agreed check-in time until the agreed check-out time.
5.2.    We maintain the equipment to the best of our knowledge and at least the manufacturer’s recommended standard. If the equipment is damaged by a third party or any kind of malfunction that is not caused by negligent use by you, we will fix or replace the equipment by an equivalent one. In case no substitution equipment is available, we will reimburse your payment from the day on the equipment stopped working.
5.3.    Please, take adequate time to travel back to the check-out location and consider unforeseen events (e.g. heavy traffic, accidents, flat tire, etc.). We do not reimburse costs for missed flights or any connected costs in whatever is the reason.

6.    Conditions for using a vehicle
6.1.    The vehicle can only be driven by the person(s) named in the Rental Agreement, or by anyone we authorized in the Rental Agreement.
6.2.    Anyone driving the vehicle must have held a full current driving license for at least three years have no endorsements or convictions on their driving license. The driver may hold a license for less than three years if the additional collision wavier option “advanced” is booked at check-in.
6.3.    You or any authorized driver in the Rental Agreement must only use the vehicle for camping and travel purposes, and must not:
•    Use the vehicle for hire or reward.
•    Use the vehicle for any illegal purpose.
•    Use the vehicle for racing, off-road, speeding, testing the reliability of the vehicle or teach driving.
•    Use the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
•    Drive the vehicle outside of Portugal unless stated in the Rental Agreement (surcharge for insurance to drive outside of Portugal: 50€). Only available for Renault Kangoo vehicles.

7.    Charges
You may be charged for the following expenses:
•    The rental charge, any applicable supplement, and any other optional charges agreed on the Rental Agreement.
•    A toll processing fee of 10€ if you used paid highways. Toll fees will be added to the toll processing fee.
•    Any charge for loss or damage including, where applicable, an administration charge to reflect our reasonable administration costs when dealing with these matters.
•    Any damages or losses to additional hired items such as sports equipment, wet suits, bicycles, among others.
•    A refueling service charge of 30€ and fuel costs if you have not returned the vehicle with a full tank.
•    A charge of 0.25€ for each kilometer that is above the daily kilometer limit defined in check-in form.
•    An extra cleaning fee of up to 50€ if the vehicle or equipment is unreasonable dirty at check-out, with the necessity to deep clean (e.g. seats, interior roof, and walls).
•    On-demand, all fines and court costs for parking, traffic or other offenses. You must accept responsibility for paying the appropriate authority or company for any such charges and costs. We may where reasonably practicable, transfer all fines or charges and relevant information to you. In this case, we ask an administration charge of €30.00 to you to compensate efforts coming from dealing with such matters.
•    On-demand, the full costs up to 1500€ of repairing or replacing the vehicle if it is damaged or stolen (even if it is not your fault) plus a damage processing fee of 50€. You may not have to pay the whole of the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicle if you have booked an additional collision damage waiver.
•    Any published rates for delivering and collecting the vehicle. This includes parking fees that arise when you have parked the vehicle at any paid parking lot such as at the airport carpark to catch a flight.
•    On-demand, legal fees permitted by law incurred in collecting payments.

8.    Risk protection
The rental charges for vehicles include third party motor insurance. This provides statutory cover for claims made if you injure anybody, and at least statutory cover for damage to property of others. You still have to pay the excesses up to a maximum of 1500€ every time the vehicle is damaged or stolen (even if it is not your fault). To decrease the excess damage costs, you can book an additional collision damage waiver and theft protection.
8.1.    Collision Damage Waiver options
We offer different collision damage waiver options that protect you from high costs in case of an accident or damage. This collision damage waiver does not protect you from any fines (parking, etc.) or damages that arise from abusive or negligent use:
•    Basic*: You pay max. 1500€ in case of damage to the vehicle. One driver is permitted. Damages to glass and tires are not covered. The driver must hold at least 3 years the driving license. 200km/night included.
•    Advanced*: You pay max. 400€ in case of damage to the vehicle. Damages to glass and tires are 100% covered. Two drivers are permitted. The driver must hold 1 year the driving license or more. 250km/night included.
•    Complete*: You pay max. 0€ in case of damage to the vehicle. Damages to glass and tires are 100% covered. Three drivers are permitted. The driver must hold 3 years the driving license. 300km/nights included.
*Additional packages (e.g., unlimited kilometers) may apply if defined in the check-in document. Not covered by any insurance option are: (1) personal belongings, equipment of the car or any damages to the interior (e.g. seats, walls in the inside, radio, etc.); (2) any damage caused by vandalism or theft; (3) fines (parking, etc.) or damages that arise from abusive or negligent use or wrong fuel; (4) damages done by a third party when the insurance form for accidents are incomplete.
8.2.    Incorrect fuel. If you fill the wrong fuel, you are liable for all reparations even if the costs exceed your security deposit.
8.3.    What to do in case of an accident or theft?
You must not admit responsibility in case of an accident. You should get the names and addresses of persons involved, including a minimum of two witnesses. You should also: secure the vehicle; tell the police immediately if anyone is injured or there is a disagreement as to the facts, and call us as soon as possible. You must then fill in the insurance incident report form (stored in the glove compartment) and hand it to us as soon as possible. If possible, you shall take photos of the accident and the filled-in incident report and forward via email to us (info@oceancamper.com). You shall remain liable irrespective of whether you have completed this form. Call us for any question: 00351 966 715 383.

9.    Ending the Agreement
•    We will end the agreement if you do not meet any of the conditions listed in this document.
•    If we end the Agreement, we still preserve the right to receive any payment from you owed under the conditions of the Agreement. We can also claim extra reasonable costs from you if you do not meet any of the conditions of the Agreement.
Governing law
The Agreement is governed by the laws of Portugal. Any dispute may be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts. If any provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid or unenforceable the remaining provisions shall not be affected. July 2019


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